FLINT, Mich. – Two Flint-area teachers have flipped their classroom and are trying to help their coworkers do the same, according to MLive.

In a flipped classroom, students watch videos of lectures outside of class and then work on the material at school where an instructor is able to help them with questions. This reversal of the traditional class structure is where “flipped teaching” gets its name, according to MLive.

Michael Peter, an economics teacher at Mt. Morris High School, told MLive the flipped approach allows him to spend more time teaching his students and less time lecturing.

"What it allows you to do is actually be a teacher now. It allows you to interact more," he said.

Peter and Lori Banaszak have been running seminars on the weekend to help introduce other area teachers to the flipped approach, according to MLive. A recent session saw more than 40 participants and the pair hopes to host a five-day training seminar next year.

SOURCE: MLive, “Flint-area educators pioneering Flip Teaching movement,” April 23, 2012

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