ROMULUS, Mich. – Teachers at 28 Michigan schools could be seeing bonuses worth up to $1,600 this year, according to the Detroit Free Press. The bonuses would be awarded for things like improving student scores, developing training sessions for staff and volunteering to tutor students.

Funding for the bonuses comes from the federal Student Improvement Grant (SIG) program, which has spent more than $4.6 billion in the lowest performing schools across the country. The Free Press reports that the 28 Michigan schools in the program received a combined $83 million in 2010.

According to The Free Press, 19 schools had to adopt a new teacher evaluation system so student performance data would be included in a significant way, while the remaining school districts were required to replace half of their teaching staff.

SOURCE: The Detroit Free Press, “Improve student test scores, and teachers might get a $1,600 bonus,” April 13, 2012

FURTHER READING: Michigan Education Report, “Low-performers eligible for grants,” June 15, 2010