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Senate Bill 756Ban hands-on cell phone use by new drivers: Passed 28 to 10 in the Senate
To prohibit an individual with a level 1 or 2 graduated drivers license status (new drivers age 17 or younger) from operating a motor vehicle while using a hands-on cell phone.

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Senate Bill 414Impose autism insurance mandate: Passed 29 to 9 in the Senate
To impose a new coverage mandate that would require health insurance policies to include coverage for treatments related to autism, and ban higher deductibles or lower benefit levels for this than for other ailments. Senate Bill 981 would authorize state subsidies to insurance companies to cover the extra cost.

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Senate Bill 981Authorize autism-mandate insurance company subsidies: Passed 28 to 10 in the Senate 
To authorize state government subsidies to health insurance companies to compensate for the new coverage mandate proposed by Senate Bill 414, which would require insurers to include autism coverage in all policies. Any actual subsidy payments would have to be added to annual appropriations passed by the legislature.

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House Bill 4266Allow yard waste in landfills with methane capture: Passed 66 to 41 in the House 
To waive a ban on landfills accepting yard waste if a facility installs a methane gas capture system.

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House Bill 4799Prohibit coercing a woman to have an abortion: Passed 72 to 37 in the House
To make attempting to coerce a woman into having an abortion a crime. The bill authorizes enhanced prison penalties for related threats of violence or "stalking," and fines for acts like threatening divorce or other living arrangement changes, withholding current or promised support, etc. Other bills in the package authorize lawsuits, require the state to produce informational materials and screening protocols and physicians to use them, and more.

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Senate Bill 683Prefund (optional) state retiree health benefits: Passed 109 to 0 in the House
To appropriate $250.9 million to "prefund" optional post-retirement health insurance benefits the legislature has chosen to give state government retirees. Under current law, these benefits are paid each year out of regular state government revenue. Unlike pensions, the Supreme Court has ruled these are not "accrued benefits" and so may be eliminated or cut at any time; former employees who get them are still eligible for Medicare at age 65.

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