MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. — Some Central Michigan University Faculty Association members are suspicious of their union’s voting process, according to the Midland Daily News. Concerns were raised after the union refused to release vote totals for the recent ratification of the new faculty contract.

The Daily News reports the FA did announce that roughly three quarters of its members voted, but will not say how many voted for or against the new contract. That omission has led some faculty to try to pressure the union for greater transparency.

“This is the kind of sneakiness and secrecy that we expect from the administration, not from our union leaders,” CMU Journalism Professor John K. Hartman said in a Jan. 14 Facebook post on the Friends of CMU Faculty page, according to the Daily News. Hartman also said that the union’s secrecy could lead to members calling for a recount.

“I believe the failure to release the vote total raises suspicions about the actual counting of the votes,” Hartman wrote.


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