National School Choice Week

National School Choice Week

This week marks National School Choice Week, a grassroots effort to spread the message about the importance of educational freedom. More than 260 organizations around the country have signed on, and these groups are working with local partners to host about 400 events, including several in Michigan. The week officially kicked off yesterday with a huge event in New Orleans.

The Mackinac Center wholeheartedly embraces educational freedom, and has consistently made the case for parental choice, fewer regulations, school autonomy and other market-based reforms. Too many parents and students are trapped in a government-run, monopolized school system that is often averse to reform, innovation and efficiency.

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That said, there is reason for optimism. The Michigan Legislature sent a strong message in support of school choice by eliminating the arbitrary cap on charter public schools. The potential of digital learning to drive innovation and improvements in education is very large and, as we’ve documented and promoted over the last two years, several Michigan school districts are creating efficiencies and expanding choices for students and parents with technology.

In recognition of National School Choice Week, we’ll feature on our website some of our best commentaries on why less government regulation and more freedom in schooling is good for parents, students, teachers and taxpayers.

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