LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s next budget proposal is unlikely to contain any reductions in funding for public schools and universities, according to The (Adrian) Daily Telegram. In the previous budget, public universities saw a 15 percent decrease in state aid while public schools had their funding reduced by 2 percent.

School administrators, however, worry that rising expenditures would leave many districts feeling financially pinched. According to the Telegram, contributions to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System will increase to 27 percent of payroll next year. The Telegram reports that increase could mean an extra $400,000 for a district like Adrian Public Schools.

Gov. Snyder told the Associated Press he would like to see some funding for K-12 education tied to student achievement.

“One of the things we’ll look hard at is, are there ways we can make sure those dollars are really showing results, as opposed to simply passing on dollars,” he said.


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