The plight of a mother and father from Michigan who receive state aid to take care of their disabled adult daughter and son and are forced to pay dues to the SEIU under an illegal unionization scheme was detailed on Fox Business today. The story was broken by Michigan Capital Confidential Nov. 9.

When asked by the television anchor if they were receiving any help from politicians to combat the situation, Robert Haynes said the only assistance the family has received was from Michigan Capitol Confidential. He specifically mentioned Jack Spencer, capitol affairs specialist, who wrote the story, and Patrick Wright, director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation. Wright led the legal battle that brought an end to a similar scheme involving home-based day care providers. The Detroit News in an editorial Sunday made the same comparison.

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National Review Online, The Weekly Standard and The Washington Times have also covered this story, as have FrontPage MagazineRush Limbaugh, Townhall and Hot Air.

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