Center Experts Attract National Following

Articles written by Mackinac Center experts in the last few weeks have been picked up by four nationally known and highly read blogs and news aggregators.

A Michigan Capitol Confidential story by Tom Gantert that detailed gym teachers in certain Michigan school districts making more money than science teachers was picked up by, Fox Nation and the Heritage Foundation’s The Foundry.

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Another Capitol Confidential story, also by Gantert, about the failure of Michigan’s corporate welfare to boost green jobs in the solar energy industry, was also picked up by and the Drudge Report (top item, “Solar Fizzles”).

A Paul Kersey blog post about why progressives should take responsibility for Detroit’s failure, rather than “occupy” the city, appeared on Drudge, and a third story by Gantert, this one about the disparity between government unionized pay increases compared to the private sector over the last 30 years, was picked up by The Blaze.

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