Alternative Online Learning Through WAY Program

Michigan Virtual Revolution: WAY Program

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In his special address on education in April, Gov. Rick Snyder called for a new learning model for Michigan schools in which students could learn "any time, any place, any way, any pace." In a study published last year, the Mackinac Center detailed Michigan programs that have embraced this model through online learning and digital technology. More recently, we've hosted public forums on the topic, and heard from school teachers and administrators as they share how they are accomodating the range of student needs with digital learning tools.

A particularly innovative learning program in Michigan is the Widening Advancement for Youths Program, or WAY. WAY is operating in more than 100 school districts in Michigan and is reengaging students that dropped out of school, lost interest, or just didn't fit in the frequent one-size-fits-all, standardized brick-and-mortar classroom. Glen Taylor, one of WAY's founders, will be speaking at our upcoming online learning forum on November 16 in Birmingham.

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