Flint nixes two administrative pay hikes

FLINT, Mich. — The Flint Community Schools Board of Education rejected proposed pay raises for two administrative staff members recently, citing other employee groups that have made contract concessions, according to The Flint Journal.

The board decided against promoting a current construction manager to director of maintenance and operations, which would have required a pay increase of about $14,000 under current contract obligations, The Journal reported. The director position had been left vacant as the district considered, then decided against, privatizing those services, according The Journal. Superintendent Linda Thompson said the manager already has been taking on some of the related work.

The board also said no to a proposal for a pay increase of about $7,000 for an administrative employee who is doing extra work because another employee retired and was not replaced, The Journal reported.

“As I said last season, everyone’s going to have to do more and there’s no money,” board member Vera Perry said, according to The Journal. “No one should be upset for having to do more work and not getting the pay.”

Board trustee David Davenport pointed out that district employees who are represented by the SEIU are now paying 50 percent toward their insurance premium, up from 10 percent, The Journal reported.

“I say they can take a cut like I took one,” warehouse attendant Hattie Young said, according to The Journal.


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