CMU professors go to court over delayed pay hikes

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. — A new state law is standing between Central Michigan University professors and their previously scheduled pay raises, and they are going to court to resolve it, according to The Saginaw News.

Public Act 54 was signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in June. It freezes wages and benefits from the time a contract expires until a new contract is signed, according to The News. The collective bargaining agreement between CMU and its Faculty Association expired June 30 and both sides are awaiting a fact-finder’s report, The News reported.

The Faculty Association now has asked a circuit court judge to direct CMU’s Board of Trustees to pay faculty salary adjustments and promotions as outlined in the expired contract, The News reported.

CMU President George E. Ross said in a letter to the Academic Senate that if the court finds the law unconstitutional, then the university will pay the wage increases, according to The News.

The News reported that Laura Frey, Faculty Association president, was not available for comment.


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