The Saginaw bus system picked up an extra route and that was responsible for an increase in overtime, according to Sylvester Payne, the city’s transit authority general manager. A recent Michigan Capitol Confidential story revealed that Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services experienced a ridership drop from just over a million in fiscal year 2009 to about 982,400 in 2010, yet overtime increase from $164,377 to $200,320 during the same period.

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Payne says that service was increased in April 2010 by adding a route to Frankenmuth and Birch Run. That route operates eight times a day, Monday through Friday, and six times on Saturday.

According to the STARS annual audit, Saginaw’s buses were on the road for 6 percent longer in 2010. The buses were in service for 54,201 hours in 2009 and 57,497 hours in 2010.

“The increase in overtime is directly related to the increase in total hours paid …” Payne said. “The Authority does maintain a CBA (collective bargaining agreement) with its bus operators, mechanics and custodians which contain language dealing with overtime and pay. However, the Authority has been able to work within the language to maintain the low overtime rates  … through the use of proper labor management.”

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