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Press Release: National Debt Relief Amendment Gains Momentum

The following is a news release from, an organization dedicated to adding the National Debt Relief Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.To see Michigan Capitol Confidential's coverage of this issue, please click here.


DALLAS, TX, JUNE 22, 2011: With a vote of 24 to 7, the Louisiana Senate joined the Louisiana House of Representatives in passing House Concurrent Resolution 87 yesterday. The House passed the resolution unanimously on June 8th. The resolution calls for a limited Amendments Convention pursuant to Article V of the U.S. Constitution to propose the National Debt Relief Amendment for subsequent ratification by the States. Louisiana and North Dakota have both passed resolutions calling for the National Debt Relief Amendment.

The proposed amendment calls for a majority of state legislatures to approve any increase in the level of federal debt. Advocates believe the amendment will lead to a balanced federal budget by removing from Congress the authority to raise their own debt limit without a national discussion and debate at each state capital.

The National Debt Relief Amendment which was drafted by RestoringFreedom.Org, Inc., has been researched and endorsed by the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. The resolution was adopted as model state legislation in January of this year by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Louisiana State Representative Noble Ellington, District 20, championed the resolution. Rep. Ellington, the incoming ALEC chairman, has positioned Louisiana as a leader in addressing the federal debt crisis in advance of the ALEC National Convention to be held in New Orleans this August.

Representative Ellington was joined in committee testimony by North Dakota State Senator Curtis Olafson who had successfully advanced the resolution through the North Dakota Legislature in April of this year.

RestoringFreedom.Org, Inc. is a Texas non-profit corporation dedicated to developing and promoting non-partisan solutions to America’s challenges.


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