MONTROSE, Mich. — The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is willing to pay Montrose Community Schools for the opportunity to post an anti-dissection advertisement on some school lockers, The Flint Journal reported.

Superintendent Mark Kleinhans told The Journal that no decision has been made on accepting the offer.

The amount of the payment would depend on the number of advertisements placed, how long they would remain up and the size of the student audience, a marketing coordinator for PETA told The Journal.

The proposed advertisement features a rat and the slogan “Stop School Violence. Do Your Homework — Choose Not To Dissect,” PETA’s Ashley Palmer told The Journal reported.

PETA has offered the same arrangement to other schools, but none have accepted, according to The Journal.

“Given the budget situation this school is going through at this time, it's a win-win,” Palmer told The Journal.

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