Bill would decertify unions that back illegal strikes

LANSING, Mich. — A House committee adopted legislation Wednesday that would decertify teacher unions that encourage their members to strike, according to the Michigan Information & Research Service Inc. Teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan.

House Bill 4466 was introduced by Education Committee Chair Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, after the MEA asked its members statewide to vote on authorizing it to conduct “crisis activities,” up to and including a work stoppage, MIRS reported.

Scott also is considered introducing a proposal that would have decertified teachers for two years for participating in an illegal strike, but said that was taken off the table in the belief that the problem was unions, not individual teachers, according to MIRS. Scott said he reserves the right to take up that proposal at another time.

House Bill 4466 would allow parents to report to the Michigan Employment Relations Commission allegations of a strike or strike-like activity, MIRS reported.

The Michigan Education Association opposes both bills, MEA Spokesman Doug Pratt told MIRS in a separate report.

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