Four Reasons State Policymakers Should Stop Collaborating with ObamaCare

From Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at the Cato Institute:

  1. Swearing an oath to support the Constitution also obligates governors to use lawful means to prevent its unlawful abuse. Governors who believe ObamaCare to be unconstitutional are as duty-bound to stop implementing the law as they are to challenge it in court.
  2. Implementing ObamaCare entrenches the law's countless subsidies, regulations and bureaucracies. Governors are making it harder to discard a law that they consider unconstitutional.
  3. Every dollar of federal ObamaCare grants is being borrowed from our grandchildren, and will pave the way for trillions more to be borrowed from them.
  4. The judge in Florida v. HHS wrote that the fact that plaintiff states are implementing the law — including accepting ObamaCare grants — "undercut" their argument that he should block implementation.