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Wisconsin Gov. Walker Stresses Commitment to Future in Budget Address

By Laurel Patrick and Jackie Clews

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker outlined his much-anticipated budget Tuesday, focusing on the future as protesters' chants could still be heard from outside the walls of the Capitol. 

"We need a commitment to the future so our children don't face even more dire consequences than what we face today," Walker said. 

Walker’s budget includes no tax increases but reduces all spending by $4.2 billion, or 6.7 percent, biennially and also reduces the structural deficit by 90 percent from $2.5 billion to less than $250 million.

Other announcements included:

  • A $5.7 million investment in the state's transportation system.
  • A statement that the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee may follow the UW-Madison in separating from the UW umbrella and gain public authority status. 
  • Locking in property tax levies at the local level and adding resources to investigate child predators. 
  • Aid to local government would be reduced by more than $1.25 billion but should be offset by the $1.5 billion in savings Walker expects from his budget repair bill.

That legislation, however, is awaiting a vote as Senate Democrats have gone to Illinois in order to delay a vote on the budget repair bill, which all but eliminates collective bargaining powers for most state employees.

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