Fox News reports "Federal Government Charges Up Electric Car Market" and spoke to Mackinac Center senior economist David Littmann for the story. The article quotes Littmann saying "I have never seen an industry that receives subsidies for any period of time like this that didn't fail and then cost taxpayers even more."

The Washington Examiner's Timothy P. Carney quoted extensively from Center Senior Legislative Analyst Jack McHugh's blog post on federal subsidies for electric car batteries. Drawing on McHugh's explanation of Michigan's "Battery Boulevard," Carney noted, "The subsidy-regualtion cycle leaves the bureaucrats and politicians in charge — and that is evidently what President Obama thinks is best."

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Also in the Examiner, an Associated Press story on privatizing support staff at prisons cites Michael LaFaive, Mackinac Center director of fiscal policy. In the article LaFaive notes, "There is nothing inherently governmental about food preparation and delivery."