Gov. Rick Snyder’s first State of the State speech was a “mixed bag,” Fiscal Policy Director Mike LaFaive told The Kalamazoo Gazette. “Gov. Snyder hinted at some positive things, but didn’t go nearly far enough with specific, cost-saving ideas that Michigan desperately needs to right its economy.”

LaFaive told the Midland Daily News he was “disappointed by what he did not hear” from Snyder, including how to bring public-sector benefits into balance. LaFaive also told The Detroit News that "Robbing Peter to pay Paul doesn't create jobs, on net balance, it just shifts them around," regarding the governor's comments on the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

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LaFaive’s annual tally of SOS speeches shows that Gov. Snyder suggested nine expansions of government and three limitations.

Michael Jahr, senior director of communications, told WILX-TV10 in Lansing that everyone in the public sector must contribute money toward the cost of their own health insurance costs, which currently does not occur in all public schools.