Alternative Education Backers Speak Up in Holt

HOLT, Mich. — Alternative education students need an environment that matches their learning style, like the one already in place in Holt Public Schools, supporters of the program told the school board at a recent meeting, the Lansing State Journal reported.

Fearful the program may be cut or reduced, supporters said that would be a disservice to the 50 to 100 students who enroll each year, the Journal reported. Superintendent Johnny Scott said all district programs are currently being reviewed, not just alternative education, according to the Journal

Alternative education teacher Michelle Beerbower said the district should consider the needs of at-risk students and noted that some students from neighboring districts where alternative programs were closed are now interested in Holt's program, the Journal reported. She said her own assessments indicate that many alternative students learn better in a hands-on environment where they can handle and examine materials, according to the Journal.

Board trustee Deb Roeske said board members appreciated the comments, but that it was premature for the board to comment since no recommendations on any program changes have been brought to the board, the Journal reported.

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