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Your Favorites: 2010

A link on the “Drudge Report” news aggregator and an appearance by analyst Michael LaFaive on FOX News garnered the No. 1 article posted on the Michigan Capitol Confidential website with more than a quarter-million views. The story about the city of Ann Arbor’s plans to spend $850,000 on a water sculpture to be located across the street from a fire station – while at the same time discussing layoffs for firefighters – received some 260,000 hits, making it far and away the most popular MichCapCon article of the year.

Below are the top 25 items overall. This list is for views between Feb. 4, 2010 and Dec. 25, 2010.

  1. The Art of the Ann Arbor City Budget
  2. Democratic Party Political Director Linked to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party
  3. "Detroit: The Triumph of Progressive Public Policy"
  4. "The 600-Student District With the $300k Superintendent"
  5. "Google Jobs Lacking, Yet Some Locals Still Consider It a 'Badge of Honor' for Ann Arbor"
  6. "Lansing's $140,000 Bus Driver"
  7. "Find Out Who Works for YOU in the Michigan Legislature"
  8. "Conyers: 'Rational Abilities' of Tea Partiers are 'Compromised'"
  9. "The Bill for Protecting Detroit's Mayor: $1.35 Million"
  10. "A Pair of Republicans Help House Dems Dump Right-to-Work"
  11. "Local Government Bankruptcies May Become Reality"
  12. "Fake Political Party Runs Mystery Candidates"
  13. "The Salary History of a Michigan Public School Teacher"
  14. "$300k Superintendent Defends His Compensation"
  15. "Gov. Granholm Offers Nation Advice on Job Creation"
  16. "Ethanol Could Go on GOP Chopping Block"
  17. "Nominees For Top 5 Worst Government Services"
  18. "Senate GOP Fumbles, May Approve $25.9 Billion Taxpayer Liability to Satisfy MEA"
  19. "Public Salary Database Puts Political Work of State Employee Under Scrutiny"
  20. "Pols Admit Bad Votes on Bad Driver Fees"
  21. "Oakland County Clerk claims forged candidate filing from 'fake' Tea Party"
  22. "No Free Lunch: 'Taxing Teens at Taco Bell'"
  23. "Auditor General Sees Dead People ... Getting Paid"
  24. "Fake Tea Brewing"
  25. "Taxing Canoes and Kayaks"