A link on the “Drudge Report” news aggregator and an appearance by Fiscal Policy Director Michael LaFaive on FOX News garnered the No. 1 article posted on the Mackinac Center’s website with more than a quarter-million views. The story about the city of Ann Arbor’s plans to spend $850,000 on a water sculpture to be located across the street from a fire station – while at the same time discussing layoffs for firefighters – received some 260,000 hits, making it far and away the most popular Mackinac Center article of the year.

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Below are the top 25 items overall, including articles posted at www.mackinac.org and on www.michcapcon.com. This list is not scientific, however, and is based on page views relative to when an article was posted between Dec. 1, 2009, and Dec. 1, 2010.

  1. The Art of the Ann Arbor City Budget.”
  2. Detroiters May Lose Right to Garden.”
  3. The Overton Window.”
  4. Center Analysts Discuss Health Care Takeover.”
  5. Democratic Party Political Director Linked to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party.”
  6. Filmmaker Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ Approved for Taxpayer Subsidy in Michigan.”
  7. School Funding Myths.”
  8. Most School Health Care Plans Are Too Expensive For Michigan.”
  9. Knockout Punch.”
  10. This Just In: Convicted Embezzler’s Business Awarded State Tax Subsidy.”
  11. Online Learning Can Improve Michigan Public Education.”
  12.   “Hangar42 Studios’ Incentives Raise Questions.”
  13. Pledging Regulatory Reform.”
  14. Find Out Who Works for YOU in the Michigan Legislature.”
  15. Public Salary Database Puts Political Work of State Employee Under Scrutiny.”
  16. Angelo M. Codevilla – Our Era’s Tom Paine?”
  17. Constitutional Convention Won’t Fix Michigan’s Problems.”
  18. If You Build It, They Won’t Come (or Stay).”
  19. Economy Contracts, Government Expands.”
  20. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Appeals Loar v. DHS to Michigan Supreme Court.”
  21. Dove Academy: The End Goal Is a College Degree.”
  22. Joe Lehman Discusses the Overton Window on Glenn Beck’s TV Show.”
  23. State Politicos Skip TEA Party.”
  24. Michigan’s Gift to Texas? People.”
  25. The Expensive Mystery of Project Cherrywood.”
  26. #####