LANSING, Mich. — A bill requiring that teacher effectiveness be part of the tenure process passed the Senate Education Committee this week, along with one requiring teacher evaluations to rate educators as "effective" or "ineffective," according to the Michigan Information & Research Service Inc.

Senate Bill 1582 would require that teachers be rated as effective or not, and that at least 50 percent of the evaluation be based on student academic growth, which in turn must be measured in part by state assessments, MIRS reported.

Senate Bill 1581 would require effectiveness to be considered when awarding tenure and also allow for an ineffective tenured teacher to be returned to probationary status, MIRS reported. Schools also could dismiss a teacher who fails to become "effective" within a set time period, according to MIRS.

"These reforms will refocus the teacher tenure law to reward effective educators, not just those who have longevity," said Chair Wayne Kuipers, R-Holland, according to MIRS.

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