Tiger Stadium proposed charter school site

DETROIT — Cornerstone Charter Schools wants to build an elementary school at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull where Tiger Stadium once stood, according to radio station WDET.

The K-8 school would share the site with an office complex and possibly retail and residential buildings under a plan submitted to the city of Detroit, Cornerstone CEO Bob Sommers told WDET. The ball field would remain intact and available for use by the school and community, according to the station's report. WDET is based at Wayne State University.

Sommers said total project costs aren't known, but the school alone could cost up to $20 million, WDET reported. Other community partners are working with the charter school organization on the redevelopment plan.

"We think that this is a community that will be sustainable and actually growing over the next decade or two," Sommers told WDET.

In a separate article, Mlive.com reported that the plan would require approval from the Detroit Economic Development Corp., which has been soliciting proposals for the site. The property is in a tax-free renaissance zone, Mlive.com reported.

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