Clio, intermediate district at odds over GenNET

CLIO, Mich. — The Clio School District has opted out of GenNET, the Genessee Intermediate School District’s countywide technology and communications program, saying it questions the program’s finances and has found a less expensive alternative, according to The Flint Journal.

Intermediate district officials say that Clio will have to pay $782,000 to leave under the terms of a contract between the districts, a charge that Clio disputes, The Journal reported.

Superintendent Fay Latture said Clio now receives video, voice and data services through Comcast at half the price it used to pay GenNET, The Journal reported. She told The Journal that the intermediate district was slow to respond to Clio’s technology needs and that it was not forthcoming with financial records like budgets or audits.

Currently, GenNET charges $37.20 per student to participating districts, according to The Journal, with the intermediate district also contributing to program expenses.

Intermediate and GenNET officials told The Journal that allegations that they are not financially transparent or are overspending are not true, while acknowledging that the financial arrangements are “complex.” They pointed out that Clio is still using GenNET equipment, such as fiber optic cable, The Journal reported.

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