More Taxpayer Money for Social Engineering

The ruling class in Washington and Lansing has determined that for our own good motorists should be driving electric cars. House Bill 6435 would grant a $20,000 credit against the Michigan Business Tax for gas stations that put in public charging points for electric vehicles. Washington has already lavished tax credits of up to $7,000 for purchasing electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and the soon to be released Chevy Volt.

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The market for electric vehicles is questionable, mainly due to their high cost and limited range. For most households a vehicle is the second most expensive purchase next to their home. The economic reality is that most American households cannot afford to purchase an electric vehicle that does not meet all of their transportation needs. The average American family needs a vehicle they can pack up and drive to Disney World in Florida without experiencing lengthy delays to recharge batteries.

It is interesting to note that MIRS reports that the groups lobbying for the passage of the tax credit were environmental groups and companies that would benefit, such as Consumers Energy and DTE which would like to sell more electricity and Dow Kokam-Midland, which would like to build more electric car batteries. Conspicuously absent in their support at the committee hearing were the Michigan motorists who will have to pay the bill for this latest taxpayer-funded subsidy.