In 2010, the Mackinac Center garnered multiple national awards for outstanding videos and an innovative project.


2010 31st Annual Telly Awards

The Mackinac Center won four Telly Awards this year, with the Students for a Free Economy "Economic Freedom Matters!" short receiving the first-place Silver Award, and the investigative videos "Stabilizing Blight?" "Sherry and Dawn's Story" and "Oh. Canada?" bringing home second-place Bronze Awards.

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The Telly Awards receive about 13,000 entries each year. The awards put the Mackinac Center in prestigious company: Other online video winners this year include Walt Disney Studios, Coca Cola, ESPN and the Humane Society of the United States.



2010 16th Annual Communicator Awards

Two Mackinac Center videos won Communicator Awards. "Oh. Canada?" and "Boardman River Dams: Episode 1" both received the Silver Award of Distinction, which is the second-highest honor.

The Communicator Awards receive over 9,000 entries each year. Other winners this year include Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Airforce, MTV and Dolce and Gabbana.



2010 6th Annual Davey Awards

The investigative video "Michael & Me" received a silver Davey Award, the creative competition's second-place award.

The Mackinac Center shares the Davey Award podium with the likes of DHL, Eli Lilly, Gatorade, Mercedes-Benz, Star Trek and Taco Bell.



The Mackinac Center's Michigan School District Health Insurance Database won the State Policy Network's 2010 SPNovation Award. SPN grants this award to innovative projects or initiatives undertaken by any of its 58 member think tanks.

Through FOIA requests, the Mackinac Center assembled the health insurance plans for more than 95 percent of the state's school districts into the School District Health Insurance Database. Some of the findings were eye-popping.

SPNovation judge — and vice president for communications at the Institute for Justice — John Kramer commented, "The Mackinac Center's innovative program to counter the 'gimme gimme gimme' demands of public school employees is a model other think tanks can apply in their states. ... Taxpayers across Michigan should stand up and cheer."