RIVERVIEW, Mich. — Reducing the supply budget and correcting a budget error will allow Riverview Community Schools to restore elementary and middle school transportation, according to The (Southgate) News-Herald, though a counseling position will be eliminated.

The school board voted in May to eliminate busing in order to address a projected $3.4 million in overspending, The News-Herald reported.

At the time, some board members said that such cuts would not have been needed if the Riverview Education Association had accepted a pay freeze similar to other employee groups, according to the report. The association president said at the time that the Michigan Education Association refused to allow Riverview teachers to re-open their contract with the district, The News-Herald reported.

Superintendent Dennis Desmarais called that practice "illegal," The News-Herald reported, while union president William Beson said the history of spending in the district shows it is "well off" and can afford to meet current contract obligations.

Now the district will reduce the supply budget by about $70,000 and also correct a mistaken charge of $30,000 for kindergarten classroom furnishings which was already accounted for in last year's budget, The News-Herald said. The district also has eliminated a counseling position for a $92,000 spending reduction.

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