MME shows slight improvement

LANSING, Mich. — High school student scores improved slightly on the Michigan Merit Examination in 2010, though only half the test-takers achieved "proficient" scores in math and 65 percent in reading, according to results issued by the Michigan Department of Education.

Scores showed that 65 percent of students statewide scored at the "proficient" level or higher in reading; 44 percent in writing, 50 percent in math, 58 percent in science and 79 percent in social studies. Reading showed the most improvement, up from 60 percent a year ago; social studies was the only lower score, down from 81 percent.

"Proficient" means the student has a basic understanding of the subject content, State Superintendent of Instruction Michael Flanagan said in a press release issued by the department. He said the state is beginning to see results of the new high school graduation requirements that added more college preparatory coursework.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reported mixed results in Battle Creek area school districts.

After considerable improvement in 2009, Battle Creek Public Schools' scores declined in every subject area, the Enquirer reported. The district lagged behind the state average by at least 20 percentage points in every subject. The largest gap was in reading, where only 36 percent of students in the district were proficient or better.

Harper Creek Community Schools and Lakeview School District both saw double-digit increases in reading, the Enquirer reported.

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