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Ron Dzwonkowski at the Detroit Free Press wrote an article on the late Joe Overton, the man behind the Overton Window concept of political possibilities. Overton was vice president of the Mackinac Center, and his idea of a moveable window of politically acceptable public policies is now the title of a best-selling novel.

Dzwonkowski, however, focused on the man behind the window. In the article, Mackinac Center President Joe Lehman, a close friend of Overton's, provided insight into Joe Overton's personality and dedication to improving Michigan.

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"Joe just talked about it as the 'window,' " said Joseph Lehman, who was recruited to the Mackinac Center by Overton and is now its president. "We put his name on it as sort of a tribute. ... Joe might not be comfortable with all the attention. He was more the happy warrior, more concerned about making progress than who was getting the credit."

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