Media outlets across the state are highlighting the debate about job-creation policies. Mackinac Center Fiscal Policy Director Michael LaFaive has long argued that tax incentives and subsidies are not the path to improving Michigan's economy.

The Grand Rapids Press is hosting a live chat about tax incentives at 12:30 today. For the chat,  LaFaive will join Brigit Klohs, president of an economic development agency. Listen in and ask your own questions here.

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The Kalamazoo Gazette explored the issue in an article titled "Jobs at any cost? Tax incentives questioned as a tool to draw employers," and cited LaFaive's finding that only about 30 percent of jobs announced under economic development programs come to fruition. The article quotes LaFaive: "These programs create ribbon cuttings and photo ops, but not real jobs."

In "Are state tax incentives creating real jobs in Saginaw?" the Saginaw News also presented both sides and cited LaFaive's study and comments.