MichiganVotes.org July 9 Weekly Roll Call Report

Every week, MichiganVotes.org sends a report to newspapers and TV stations showing how just the state legislators in each publication's service area voted on the most important and interesting bills and amendments of the past seven days. The version shown here instead contains a link to the complete roll call tally in either the House or Senate. To find out who your state senator is and how to contact him or her go here; for state representatives go here.

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Newly introduced bill of interest: Senate Bill 1388 (Establish “Arizona” illegal alien law)
Introduced by Sen. Michelle McManus (R) on June 15, 2010, to require law enforcement officers and agencies to make a reasonable attempt when practicable to determine the immigration status of any person detained under any lawful stop, detention, or arrest if there is a reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal alien. Essentially the bill mirrors a controversial Arizona statute.

Newly introduced bill of interest: House Bill 6257 (Restrict Attorney General from joining certain lawsuits [like federalized health care] )
Introduced by Rep. Mark Meadows (D) on June 10, 2010, to prohibit the state Attorney General from initiating or intervening in any federal court or tribunal, or one in another state or country, unless this is requested by the Governor. The bill was introduced after the current Attorney General joined in several lawsuits against the implementation of federal health care law signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010.

Newly introduced bill of interest: House Bill 6242 (Create government “New Economy Commission”)
Introduced by Rep. Ed Clemente (D) on June 8, 2010, to create a government “New Economy Commission” with members representing various named interest groups and the mission of developing “a statewide strategy for the enhancement, encouragement, and growth of the new economy” in Michigan. The term “new economy” is not defined in the bill.

Newly introduced bill of interest: 2010 Senate Bill 1405 (Require more film subsidy application records disclosure)
Introduced by Sen. Nancy Cassis (R) on June 24, 2010, to require the Michigan film office send a copy of each application for a film tax break or subsidy and all of the information and records included with it to the governor, the president of the Strategic Fund, the House and Senate finance committees, and the directors of the House and Senate Fiscal Agencies.

Newly introduced bill of interest: 2010 House Bill 6274 (Allow Detroit pension fund loans to city)
Introduced by Rep. Bettie Scott (D) on June 22, 2010, to allow the Detroit police, fire and other employee pension funds to lend up to 20 percent of their assets to the city at a discounted interest rate.

Newly introduced bill of interest: House Bill 6264 (Ban additional state subsidies to firms in renaissance zones)
Introduced by Rep. Justin Amash (R) on June 15, 2010, to prohibit the disbursement of state business subsidy checks through the device of granting a “refundable” tax credit to a firm located in a “renaissance zone.” Companies in a renaissance zone have no business tax liability, so a so-called “refundable” credit automatically means the firm will get a check from the state for the full amount.
Note: 20 of the 38 cosponsors of this bill voted six weeks before its introduction for House Bill 5555, which authorized renaissance zone status for electric car battery companies previously granted hundreds of millions of "refundable" credits. The Korean Firm LG Chem was the first to have its "credit" effectively converted into $100 million cash subsidy from the state with the approval of renaissance zone status for its Holland plant on June 23.