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Counting on Demonstrators

The Michigan Education Association reported that about 7,000 union members traveled to Lansing for its "massive MEA rally on the Capitol lawn."

That number is more than double the estimate Michigan Capitol Confidential had for the June 24 event.

The Detroit News and Lansing State Journal articles estimated the rally size at 5,000. The Detroit Free Press reported "more than 3,000" attended the rally.

Karen Bouffard, the Detroit News reporter who covered the rally, said the facilities manager told her 3,500 when the event started and then she checked with him again after the event.

Michigan Capitol Confidential estimated the rally at 3,420 people, which was rounded up and reported as 3,500.

A Michigan Capitol Confidential reporter broke the crowd down into five different sections and walked around each section doing a head count. The estimate of 3,420 came during the ten minutes the count took from 11:10 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. The rally started at 11 a.m.