DETROIT — The Detroit Public Schools board of education says that Teresa Gueyser is still district superintendent, even though her contract expired and emergency financial manager Robert Bobb did not renew it, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Gueyser's contract and $190,000 annual salary expired June 30, and district spokesman Steve Wasko said the nonrenewal was "strictly a decision based on economic necessity," the Free Press reported.  The district faces a $363 million deficit, according to the report.

School board President Anthony Adams said that Bobb does not have authority over the superintendent and that, "We expect her to come to work tomorrow, and we expect him not to interfere with her ability to do her job," the Free Press reported.

If she does show up, she faces not being paid, Bobb said, according to the Free Press. He said he notified Gueyser in April that her contract would not be renewed, the Free Press reported.  The conflict is the latest in a series of showdowns between the board and Bobb over financial and academic authority in the district.

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