Although the state of Michigan may offer tax rebates to Hollywood production companies that film in this state, the U.S. military isn't as generous, according to a Department of Defense spokesman.

The question came up after someone contacted the Mackinac Center for Public Policy with a tip that a movie received free military equipment for filming.

It involved filming for the movie Red Dawn that took place in southeast Michigan. It's a remake of the 1984 movie of the same name that starred Patrick Swayze. The movie follows U.S. teenage rebels who fight against the invading Soviet army.

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"It's nonsense," said DOD Spokesman Phil Strub. "We don't ever give away equipment or real estate. We don't ever donate equipment. We require filmmakers to reimburse us for out-of-pocket expenses."

Strub said the DOD did review the script for Red Dawn but declined to offer assistance.

Strub said filming companies usually import their hardware from other countries. For one movie, a movie company imported British tanks that were in Australia for a movie.

Others usually rent foreign soldiers to portray Americans, he said.

Strub said movie companies have rented equipment from countries such as Spain, Israel, Thailand and the Philippines.

Movie companies are allowed onto military installations and ships to film and aren't charged as long as they don't interfere, Strub said.

However, if the company wants a specific scene, such as a plane flying over an ship, then they are charged for flight hours, Strub said.