U.S. Senate Resolution Would Limit EPA Power

Congress has an opportunity to restore accountability to elected officials and put limits on the power wielded by unaccountable bureaucrats when the U.S. Senate considers Joint Resolution 26 tomorrow.

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, would negate a current rule that EPA is finalizing that would regulate greenhouse gas under section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act. EPA's attempt to regulate greenhouse gas as a pollutant has huge negative economic implications especially for manufacturing states like Michigan. The proposed EPA rulemaking would likely for the first time require clean air permits for thousands of commercial sources in Michigan, such as shopping malls and bakeries, thereby driving up their costs.

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President Barack Obama has been unable to move cap-and-trade legislation through Congress due to voters who have become increasingly skeptical about man-made global warming and the negative impact on the economy of proposed legislation to limit greenhouse gases, bypassed Congress by turning to the EPA to implement his energy policy. Regardless of one's view on the controversial theory of climate change, it is imperative that important national public policy be made by elected officials who are accountable to voters and not by government employees who are free to pursue their own agenda while enjoying the benefit of civil service employment protection.

The Murkowski resolution is subject to a straight up and down vote and cannot be filibustered. The scheduled vote tomorrow will provide a strong indication whether our elected senators are serious about taking the lead on critical national policy or just punting on controversial issues to administrative agencies.