MIRS Reports Huron Valley Schools Super Paid More Than $400k in Final Year of Employment

Huron Valley Schools Superintendent Robert O'Brien earned $418,965 in his final year, according to the MIRS News (subscription required) Capitol Capsule.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan insisted that information be made part of the court record in O'Brien's lawsuit against the Michigan Public Schools Employee Retirement System.

"These amounts are eye-popping," Corrigan wrote, according to MIRS. "I question which individuals and bodies are responsible for this use of tax dollars and whether the Legislature and the public are aware that this is happening. Given the considerable concern over public expenditures in the current economic climate, I believe the facts of this case signal a need for legislative scrutiny."

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O'Brien's suit revolves around a discrepancy over his final compensation, which in turn determines his monthly pension. He believes it should be $15,601.95 a month, while the retirement board put the amount at $8,346 a month.

According to MIRS, O'Brien in 2006 made $154,191 gross salary, plus more than $264,000 for things like deferred compensation, additional work days, merit pay and longevity pay.

The Mackinac Center's Mike Van Beek has been producing descriptions of school collective bargaining agreements that reveal the salary and benefits paid to teachers and other employees in various school districts. The Center has also posted a comprehensive database containing the texts of these agreements, health insurance policies and more.