Poll: Merge high schools, maintain tax rate

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - More than three-quarters of Bloomfield Hills Public Schools residents who responded to a recent poll supported the idea of maintaining only one high school and keeping taxes at current levels, according to an article posted at Hometownlife.com.

The school board is expected to vote this month on merging Andover and Lahser high schools as part of the district's master facility plan, Hometownlife.com reported. A poll of 300 residents, conducted by Mitchell Research of Lansing, showed 78 percent of respondents supported the idea of one new or fully-renovated high school, according to Hometownlife.com

The project could be accomplished without raising taxes, though voters would have to approve extending two current debt millage levies, the report said.

The district estimates that a merger would save about $2.5 million per year and help the district avoid future budget deficits, the report said.

When the poll asked about support for a lesser renovation that would reduce taxes, support dropped, according to Hometownlife.

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