Governor Declares Climate Action Council Dead

It is encouraging that Gov. Jennifer Granholm has issued an executive order (2009-44) abolishing the Michigan Climate Action Council. It should never have been created to begin with. Committing Michigan to regional greenhouse gas emission requirements to combat the elusive fear of global warming is fraught with peril for Michigan households and businesses. Many of the recommendations coming out of the Council will invariably lead to higher energy costs for heating and cooling homes and running businesses.

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National schemes such as cap and trade do damage to national and state economies by substantially raising energy costs, which effectively acts as a tax on almost everything consumers purchase. The Midwest Regional Greenhouse Gas reduction initiative is even more damaging to the state's economy than a national effort because it puts Michigan at a relative disadvantage to states that have not signed up for the costly greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

Gov. Granholm is often quoted as saying: "I will go anywhere and do anything to create jobs in Michigan." She can start in Lansing by burying the recommendations of the Midwest Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord along with the now defunct Michigan Climate Action Council.