LANSING, Mich. - The Michigan House and Senate will have to reconcile a $183-per-pupil disagreement over public school funding based on budget bills adopted by each, The Associated Press reported.

The House adopted a 2010-2011 budget bill that gives public schools $65 more per student next year, while the Senate passed a bill that would reduce funding by $118 per student, according to AP. The Senate version was adopted before the latest revenue estimating conference showed a possible surplus in the school aid fund at the end of the current fiscal year, AP reported in an article posted by

The House bill would give schools the added $65 in the current fiscal year and also maintain it in the year beginning Oct. 1, according to AP. In 2009-2010, schools received a $165-per-pupil funding cut.

Lawmakers are divided over spending the anticipated surplus, AP reported.

"We want to go with some cautious optimism here," said Rep. Terry Brown, D-Pigeon, AP reported.

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