The Right's Partisan Oil Spill 'Gotchas' Misguided and Counterproductive

"Why hasn't the president fixed it yet!? Clearly he's incompetent."

Blah blah blah. It's pure mindless partisanship, and merely promotes the ideological hubris that Big Government (and the president) is God and and fix any problem. It (and he) are not: As Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said in quote repeated in the Wall Street Journal, "The government doesn't have everything we need to solve this problem."

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Plus, all the hyperventilating feeds the radical environmentalists' anti-industrial civilization hate-mongering.

Stuff happens, including oil spills. Let the experts fix the problem, adopt measure to reduce the odds of a repeat, and move on.

(While we're at it, another round of partisan "gotchas" calling for "special prosecutors" over Sestak job promises is also tedious. Yes, there's gambling in Rick's cafe; now can we focus on the real problems, please?)


P.S. Thankfully, my observations here are not particularly original. In addition to the WSJ editorial linked to above, the inestimable Kim Strassel makes similar points much more aptly than me, and with important additional observations. There's plenty of valid criticism of the administration also, such as this item.