MichiganVotes.org May 28 Weekly Roll Call Report

Every week, MichiganVotes.org sends a report to newspapers and TV stations showing how just the state legislators in each publication's service area voted on the most important and interesting bills and amendments of the past seven days. The version shown here instead contains a link to the complete roll call tally in either the House or Senate. To find out who your state senator is and how to contact him or her go here; for state representatives go here.

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Senate Bill 325, Restrict vehicle tracking device use, passed in the House (82 to 24)
To prohibit the installation or use of a motor vehicle tracking device without a person's knowledge, with exceptions for legitimate services (like On-Star), or use by law enforcement. 

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Senate Bill 1163, 2010-2011 school aid budget, passed in the House (64 to 42)
The House version of the fiscal 2010-2011 school aid budget. This would appropriate $12.948 billion, compared to $12.823 billion for FY 2009-2010. The bill would increase the per-pupil foundation grant by $65 compared to the current year amount (following an "executive order" reduction in Oct. 2009).   

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House Bill 4961, Establish second Detroit bridge authority framework, passed in the House (56 to 51)
To establish a regulatory framework for the Department of Transportation to enter "public-private partnerships" and borrow money for toll roads, tunnels, bridges and potentially the Detroit River International Crossing project (DRIC).   

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House Bill 6128, Require second Detroit bridge "community benefits" payouts, passed in the House (55 to 51)
To require the Michigan Department of Transportation to give advice and support to "community representatives" (presumably from labor, environmental, and faith-based organizations) in negotiating "community benefit agreements" with the public-private partnership authorized to build a new Detroit River bridge. The dollar amount would have to be comparable to similar payout agreements on other large infrastructure projects around the country. If the partnership collapsed the state would be responsible for the cost of any benefits.

Complete Roll Call Vote Tally

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