Residents of the Great Lakes State can identify with the frustration of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who said on Monday "Let's be clear: Every day that this oil sits is one more day that more of our marsh dies." The oil spill in the Gulf is an environmental tragedy made worse by federal regulators' inaction. Two recent decisions demonstrate how the environmental regulatory process can do more harm than good in protecting natural resources.

The EPA ordered BP to stop using a chemical to disperse the oil in the Gulf waters because it might be too toxic. That is like a doctor watching a patient bleed to death and not applying a tourniquet because they aren't sure if it has been sterilized. Fortunately BP ignored EPA's ridiculous demand. EPA's response is that they are going to study the matter further.

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Federal regulators have continually denied the request of Louisiana officials who want to construct barrier islands in the Gulf to protect the delicate coastal marshes from oil contamination. The basis of the federal denial is that the barrier islands might damage wildlife in the future. Any clear-thinking individual would understand that if the oil contaminates coastal marshes and washes on shore, wildlife and people will be immediately damaged.

The Gulf oil spill has demonstrated federal environmental officials left on their own will make decisions that defy common sense and logic. Guidance from the Obama administration is sorely needed.