Ron Acton has a vision that all conservative groups get together as one and fix the economic issues in Michigan.

On Friday, Ron Acton of the Jackson Tea Party sent an email out among various limited government movement leaders pitching his plan - a state wide "conservative" convention where the groups could strategize on how to combat higher taxes.

"We are not going to beat up on each other," Acton said. "We are going to play nice to each other and just have a nice united front. If we don't do this, we are all going to be screwed."

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"It's economics. Focus on how much we have in taxes taken out of paycheck. Right now, the biggest problem we have in Michigan is unions, specifically education unions."

Acton hasn't heard any responses to his email a day later.

Tina Dupont of the Tea Party of West Michigan said the tea party groups are planning their own get together.

Dupont said the Michigan Tea Party Alliance has reserved the fairgrounds in Charlotte for an event on July 24. Dupont said details haven't been worked out yet, but she said plans could include a car show and/or a debate or two.