Stealth Unionization of Small-Business Owners Called 'Skewed and Wrong'

Three newpspaers editorialize against scheme

An recent Oakland Press editorial says that small-business owners who were forced into a union "weren't treated fairly" and that "the process of adding them to the union seems skewed and wrong."

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation lawsuit challenging the scheme by which home-based day care providers were shanghaied into a union is before the Michigan Supreme Court.

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The Macomb Daily editorialized against the same issue, saying "some type of action to rectify the situation seems only prudent."

The Royal Oak Daily Tribune editorial pointed out that many day care owners said they "weren't given a chance to vote" on whether or not they wanted to join the union.

For more information on the process, see this blog post by Communications Specialist Kathy Hoekstra that "connects the dots," and her Michigan Capitol Confidential article about this stealth unionization scheme.