REDFORD, Mich. - Some parents who attended a South Redford School District forum recently called on teachers to make wage or benefit concessions as a way to protect school programs, according to the Redford Observer.

"We can't cut all these programs," Tammy Peterson said at the community budget forum, the Observer reported. Other parents also said that salaries or teaching jobs should be cut rather than eliminating busing, band, sports or other enrichment activities, according to the Observer.

The district's projected spending plan for 2010-2011 is about $2 to $2.8 million over anticipated revenue, according to the Observer. Superintendent Linda Hicks said the district plans to ask teachers to reopen their contract, the report said.

South Redford Education Association President William Triolet said that over the past 10 years the union has agreed to increased co-pays for medical insurance and larger class sizes and has seen few raises, the Observer reported. The district should consider spending its fund equity, currently at nearly $4 million, Triolet said, according to the Observer.

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