Questions Surround Film Subsidy Report

The second annual report from the Michigan Film Office shows that $69 million was transferred from Michigan taxpayers to movie makers in 2009, but is sketchy on further details, according to the Livingston Daily Press & Argus.

The report mostly promotes the film office and "doesn't sufficiently account for taxpayer dollars," Mike LaFaive, director of the Center's Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, told the Livingston Daily.

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The report says the film industry last year created 8,000 jobs, but the Livingston Daily points out that the report fails to explain how that translates into full-time, permanent positions. An otherwise flawed Michigan State University study on the film subsidy program last year said that in 2008 some 2,700 jobs were created, which was the equivalent of just 254 full-time jobs.

Last year's MFO report also was called into question.

Some legislators appear to be looking into these problems.