Forced Unionization of Small-Business Owners Spreads to Other States

MHBCCC still operating despite being defunded by Legislature

The forced unionization of home-based day care owners, which the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation is fighting against in Michigan, is spreading to other states.

Michael Jahr, senior director of communications at the Center, told The Daily-Record of Wooster, Ohio, "It appears to be little more than just an effort to refill the ranks of unions that have seen a depletion of members over the years."

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Sen. Bill Hardiman, R-Kentwood, was a guest on "The Frank Beckmann Show," on WJR AM760 Friday, discussing the situation in Michigan. Hardiman is one of several legislators who are seeking a bi-partisan resolution to the problem after having voted to defund the Michigan Home Based Child Care Council.

A similar scheme is afoot in Maryland.