MEA can’t be on agenda

NOVI, Mich. - In an apparent flap over who is allowed to book time on the school board agenda, the Novi Education Association said that if it can't bring in a representative from the Michigan Education Association to speak at a board meeting, then it will hold a community meeting of its own, according to the Novi News.

According to the News, the Novi teachers union wants an MEA consultant to make a public presentation to the school board regarding a board request that teachers consider contract concessions.

However, the school board only wants to hear from the local union and is not required under the current contract to give meeting time to the MEA, Bob Schram, assistant superintendent of human resources, told the News.

Tom Brenner, NEA president, has filed a grievance over the issue and also told the News that the NEA will host a public presentation Monday by an MEA consultant regarding the district's budget and the request for concessions.

He said he is comfortable with the public knowing how much he gets paid because he believes the residents of Novi expect their teachers to be compensated well, the News reported.

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