Center to Tally State of the State Expansions, Limitations

Analysts available for media interviews before and after address

News Advisory
Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010
Contact: Michael D. Jahr
Senior Director of Communications

Tally of Proposed Government Expansions and Limitations in State of the State Address Available Wednesday Night

Mackinac Center experts available before and after for analysis of economic development, budget, education and other proposals

 MIDLAND - Mackinac Center Fiscal Policy Director Michael D. LaFaive on Wednesday will continue his tradition of counting and categorizing new initiatives offered by Michigan governors in their annual State of the State addresses. Mackinac Center analysts will compare the total number of proposed government expansions and limitations in this year's address to gubernatorial speeches dating to 1969.

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"As Gov. Granholm begins her year-long political goodbye, she should stop tilting at economic development windmills - government programs designed to 'create' jobs - and work on lowering the cost of living, working and investing in Michigan for everyone," said LaFaive.

According to news reports, the governor will once again make jobs the focus of her address. She has done this in the past, most famously four years ago when she predicted we would be "blown away" by all of the jobs that would be created in five years, if only the state would embrace her newest economic development program. LaFaive points out that these incentive programs haven't worked.

"Gov. Granholm has presided over one of the most significant declines in the fortunes of Michigan and its residents in state history," said LaFaive. "No amount of state tax subsidies for green jobs, filmmaking or Cool Cities programs will reverse the damage done by the $1.4 billion tax hike, fee hikes, new licensing regimes and regulations imposed on our economy during her tenure."

LaFaive has authored a detailed essay about the State of the State address, which can be found at

The 2010 "scorecard" will be posted on the Center's Web site shortly after the completion of Gov. Granholm's speech. LaFaiveand other analysts will also be available for comment, including Mackinac Center Senior Legislative Analyst Jack McHugh and Education Policy Director Michael Van Beek.